Olive pomace oil


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Olive pomace oil for cosmetic use

Content: 1 litre

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Olive pomace oil

This mixture is made from olive pomace and high-quality virgin olive oil. The olive pomace oil is characterised by good skin compatibility. The oil is absorbed very slowly and forms a protective film on the skin. It is an oil with a good shelf life and is stable to oxidation. Olive pomace oil is very resistant to heat.

What is olive pomace?

Pomace is the residue that remains after pressing the olives, in addition to the olive juice. This valuable residue contains all the components of the olive.

What are the applications of olive pomace oil?

  • The oil is often used in ointments and creams
  • It is used in the production of soap, e.g. Punic wax (cera punica)
  • For the production of massage oils
  • For the production of peeling
  • For the preparation of macerates


Store in a cool and dry place.
Country of origin: Italy
Content: 1 litre
Packed in plastic bottle PET