Carnauba wax flakes

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Carnaubawax Flakes

Carnauba wax is made from the leaves of the Brazilian palm species Copernicia Prunifera. The leaves of this palm are coated with wax to protect them from drying out. A small part of these leaves is harvested annually. The carnauba wax extracted from them is melted, cleaned, sieved and sold in flakes. It is the hardest of all animal and vegetable waxes. With a high melting point and a high gloss level, it is used in a wide variety of applications.


Application areas of carnauba wax:

  • as a coating for gummi bears and chewing gum
  • as a protection and preservation for citrus fruits
  • used in tablet production
  • in ointments and creams
  • in soaps such as punic wax (cera punica)
  • for candle production
  • for the production of polishes and shoe polishes
  • wax cloth


  • yellow color
  • flake shape
  • saponification number 81.02
  • melting point 82.8 °C
  • acid number 6.91
  • ester number 74.11
  • moisture content 0.57 %
  • insoluble impurities max. 0.02 %
  • annealing residue 0.2 %
  • INCI designation - copernica cerifera cera
  • quality T3
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