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Bleached bee wax for various applications. Here you can buy it cheaply, quickly and safely online.

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Originally, the wax platelets sweated out of wax glands by the bees have a white colour. The yellow colour of beeswax is only created by the absorption of carotene containing pollen oil. This wax is cleaned and bleached and is marketed as CERA ALBA. The largest consumers of beeswax are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Beeswax is also a very important product in candle production. In the food industry the wax is used as a coating and release agent. It is also very popular to produce beeswax candles.

Application areas of white beeswax:

  • as a coating for gummy bears and chewing gum
  • as a protection and preservation for citrus fruits
  • used in tablet production
  • in ointments and creams
  • in soaps
  • for candle production
  • production of mouthpieces for didgeridoos


Details of the bleached beeswax pastilles:

  • white colour
  • pastille shape
  • saponification number 99
  • melting degree 63°C
  • acid number 18
  • ester number 80
  • typical beeswax smell
  • INCI designation - cera alba, hydrogenated C12-C18 triglycerides, stearic acid
  • mixture of beeswax, hydrocarbon waxes, fats, fatty acids and ester waxes
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